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We Believe in building a strong bond with our customers and our strength is with our large service department who are factory trained and licensed, allowing us to respond to customer service and care without relying on any third party.

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Looking for a safe, efficient, and reliable alternative to your furnace or air conditioning unit? A&R Heating & Cooling has been in business for over 35 years providing service to the residential and light commercial industry. Our services include a full sheet metal shop, with licensed technicians to serve your needs. Contact us for information regarding WaterFurnace geothermal systems. Learn how a geothermal system will improve your home’s efficiency, try our savings calculator.

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We provide the highest level of information and service. Our wide service area includes:

Scotland, ON Oakland, ON

Burford, ON Teeterville, ON

Wilsonville, ON Boston, ON

Waterford, ON Vanessa,ON

Harley, ON. Cathcart, ON.

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Tillsonburg, ON  

Port Dover, ON

Hagersville, ON

Brantford, ON  

Brant, ON

Woodstock, ON

Windham Centre, ON

Norwich, ON.

Norfolk, ON.  

Delhi, ON.

And all of the

surrounding Area

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